Welcome to MSA

Marcella Smith Associates is a publishing consultant firm offering experienced expert support to publishers and authors in strategic marketing and business development.

Marcella Smith is the operating principal.  Her four decades of experience in both bookselling and publishing give her a unique perspective on the issues authors and publishers face in dealing with the challenges in today’s marketplace.  She is able to draw on the savvy of a first class team of freelancers to help you be competitive.

Services for Authors

She will help you:

  • Assess the work for its likely publication
  • Determine the appropriate publishing platform
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote you as an author

Services for Publishers

Her knowledge and experience can help your company:

  • Deliver data that meets Industry Standards
  • Implement Industry Standards & Best Practices in all aspects of your business
  • Launch marketing information
  • Maximize sales to non-traditional book outlets
  • Develop concepts or series
  • Analyze development plans
  • Review distribution

For more information about what we can do for you, please write us at info@marcellasmithassociates.com or call 917-325-2694.