Services For Authors

“Marcella Smith wrote the “code” on how to properly publish a book, and so generously shares her wealth of knowledge throughout the independent publishing world. When I asked for a “reality conversation,” she was stunningly honest and truly supportive. Marcella knows books, believes good books belong in the marketplace, and has had a transformative impact on lifting the standards of indie publishing.”

Mara Purl, Author, Speaker & Book Coach, Haven Books

Marcella will work with you to determine which of the following services best suits your needs.  Are you looking for a

  • Literary agent
  • Editorial referral
  • Self-publishing development

Marcella recently participated in a webinar for BookStreet Cafe, an organization supporting authors.  The subject was “Finding and Working with the Right Literary Agent for You”.  For more information see this event posted on Bookstreet Cafe.

She will help you:

  • Assess the work for its likely publication
    • Is the book ready to show to a publisher?
    • How much editorial revision/copy editing is needed?
    • Who is the customer?
    • What is the competition in the marketplace?
    • Match author with best author services provider
  • Determine the appropriate publishing platform
    • Ebook
    • Print book
    • Audio
    • POD
    • Traditional publisher
    • All of the above
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote you as an author
    • Do you have a social medium platform as an author?
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Blog
      • LinkedIn
    • Are you an expert in a field?
    • Has your work been published in magazines or newsletters?
    • Do you have previously published titles?

The answers to all of these questions will help you and she determine how you can best work together.

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