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“Marcella has been a tough but fair advocate for small presses for years. She works hard, remains cheerful, and exudes both wisdom and common sense. Despite the fact that she worked for the largest bookstore chain in the country, and I own perhaps the smallest publishing company, she always treated me with respect and fairness. Whether she was agreeing to buy my books or declining to, she was always civil, honest, and a pleasure to work with.”
January 26, 2011

Kenn Amdahl, Owner, Clearwater Publishing

“Marcella has been so helpful when I needed FACTS, not fluff, fantasy or wishful thinking, about retail book trade operations. She’s someone who has been there, done that—and done it so successfully that her record speaks for itself. Unlike so many I encounter, she can provide specifics and she doesn’t dodge the hard questions.”
Linda Carlson, Writer, Independent Book Publishers Association

  • Deliver data that meets Industry Standards
  • Visit the BISG website, and review the Standards & Best Practices section to be sure you are competitive in every aspect of the operation/logistics/data area of your publishing business.
  • Launch marketing information
    • Create a timetable for the publication of your titles
    • Develop a timetable for each title
    • Galleys to reviewers to meet appropriate deadlines
  • Maximize sales to non-traditional book outlets
    • Who is the customer for the title?
    • Where does that customer shop?
    • What product mix does the title complement?
  • Develop concepts or series
    • How will your publishing program expand?
    • Will you launch a series or create a new concept or purchase another company?
  • Analyze development plans
    • Is your warehouse system adequate to meet your needs now and in the future?
    • How productive is your inventory?
    • Review distribution
      • Are you doing your own fulfillment?
      • Should you give that work to another entity, so you can focus on the publishing program?
  • See distributor profiles at

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